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Excavating Services Calgary

Earthwork, site development, lot grading, and many other services are just some of the areas of expertise of Diversified Excavating , which is recognized as one of the most reputable and successful excavating companies in Calgary. We have been providing service to customers in the Calgary area for over 25 years.

Dedicated to the timely and risk-free production of work, as well as providing the  owner with the personal attention and high-quality service they deserve. Our fleet, which includes twenty pieces of equipment of varying sizes and types, enables us to successfully complete any size of project.

compact excavator leveling a driveway in Calgary

Mini Excavation Construction Calgary

Mini Excavation Services

Mini Excavators

Mini Excavator excavation a front yard

Mini excavation service  refers to excavation work on a smaller scale that is carried out with specialized machinery developed specifically for use in areas that larger excavators can not fit or would create to much damage to existing landscaping. Our services include digging, trenching, grading, and levelling of smaller areas for a variety of purposes, including landscaping, building, and the installation of utilities to name a few.

Our small excavation machinery consists of tiny excavators, skid steers, and compact track loaders. Our equipment line is designed to work in confined areas and are capable of performing jobs that call for accuracy and productivity. These machines have a wide range of applications, including the construction of foundations, the installation of pipelines, and the grading of driveways.

Our Mini excavation services are frequently used for smaller-scale projects since, in comparison to standard excavation methods, they are more cost-effective and require less space as well as fewer people to perform the work. In addition, tiny excavation equipment can access restricted locations that larger machines cannot, which makes it suitable for residential and commercial projects that have limited space to work with.

   Our operators are all very experienced at running the equipment in tight areas, operating the equipment efficiently and safely. All worker have full WCB coverage and we carry full insurance. 

Bobcat Services Calgary

Skid Steer Services

 Bobcats not only excavate but are great at moving and loading dirt as well. This is a must for any full service excavation contractor. 

Skid Steer Services is one of our frequently requested excavation services.  We have several skid steer size machines for the many sizes of grading projects we are asked to grade. Our operators are trained with years of experience in accurate and safe use of bobcat equipment, whether the project is Commercial or Residential. Check out our rates for our competitive pricing. 

Bobcat excavating a driveway in Calgary

Earthworks Construction

Grading Earthworks Services

Drainage is crucial with all excavation and grading projects. You must have an approved grade slip by the city and we can make sure those elevations are met with accuracy. If the grades are not met it can spell expensive repairs of adjacent properties and possibly lawsuits. 

Before building on a new site there is no better time to do so rough site grading then before the project gets started.  We can accommodate most schedules with a bit of advance notice. We provide residential and light commercial site grading services.  

Excavation for a house

Professional Excavators Calgary

Trenching Services

Trenching for utilities in Calgary

Trench Excavation

When installing services, and drainage systems trenching is the preferred method, we provide trenching services. A Successful Trenching Contractor accomplishes this with precision and speed. We can excavate a wide range of trenches to suit your needs. 

   If you need concrete removed or asphalt removed prior to trenching we can provide those services as well. All of our services are at very competitive pricing

Concrete Removal

Concrete Breaking and Removal Calgary

Concrete breaking and removal is common place when you are building a new building or renovating an existing structure within the city. We have breaker attachments for many of our excavators and skid steers.

Our concrete removal rates are the best rates to be found within the city. Contact us for a concrete removal quote.

Calgary Concrete removal of a pool deck

Site Grading Services

Laser Grading in a Calgary field

Laser Grading

Whether you you have small or large excavation or grading project having an excavation company that uses laser for elevations will save you money and give a better quality job.   

Our staff are trained not only to use lasers but also trained to read grading plans.  When our staff arrives we are always prepared with laser devices for jobs that require specific grade points be met. 

Why Work With Us ?


We are professional excavators, your Project will be accomplished safely, efficiently and above expectations.


With over 25 years of excavation experience we have come across and overcame all unique site challenges.


Committed to making each and every customer and repeat customer, your satisfaction is always guaranteed.


Being the best comes with great pride and responsibility , and we aim to stay the best excavation company in the city.

Additional Excavation Services


As Excavation contractors we have all the necessary equipment to backfill your project. Projects may include backfilling against a house foundation, retaining walls, trenches. There is no project too big or small!  We have a wide array of excavators and loaders, also trucks and trailers to deliver the material needed. We always make sure the proper waterproofing, drainage systems and material are used for backfilling.

Ditch Reshaping

If you have a ditch that has excessive overgrowth of unwanted plants, weeds, grass, and are possibly experiencing drainage problems, maybe it is time to re-shape your ditch. Our excavation contractors can carefully re-shape, re-grade and clean up any ditch, leaving it with a fresh, clean look.


There are multiple forms of drainage used on projects, and we as excavation contractors can tackle them all. From lot grading to drainage system.  We can install drain tile, trench trains, sump/catch basin drainage systems, floor drains and a drainage system for your downspouts or gutters. We have the proper excavation tools to trench and grade the project with proper slope for drainage. 

Drainage Tile Install

Drain tile installation is an integral part of preventing groundwater from causing damage to your home, or building. Drain tile is commonly buried along your house foundation or along the perimeter of a building, after the foundation has been waterproofed, the drain tile is laid against the foundation, backfilled with wash rock ( drainage rock ) to allow water to make its way to the drain tile. Often the drain tile then drains all water to a sump.

Driveway Preparation

Our highly skilled excavation team can excavate and prep all styles of driveways. If you require your old driveway to be removed we have the necessary equipment, buckets and breakers for our machines to remove, load and haul away any material. We then accurately excavate to ensure the driveway design is met with precision and that there is a proper gravel base for drainage. Our team can also construct; concrete driveways, paving stone driveways and prep for asphalt driveways.

Dry Wells

Dry wells can be an excellent solution if you are experiencing excessive build-up of run off water on your property. The purpose of a dry well is to accumulate the water on the surface, and allow it to slowly drain/soak deep underground, in a perforated  chamber, filled with drainage rock or other similar materials. It is very important that a dry well is installed in the correct location, far enough from your home, and not too close to your neighbors. As an excavation contractor we are equipped to construct a dry well of any size.

Finish Grading

Finish grading is a process to bring grade to the proper elevation, contour, and shape. Also a process in which ensures the project meets the final grading plan. Using a multitude of different machines, our skilled team makes sure the surface is free of debris, large bits of soil and brought to the correct elevation using typically loam so there is a smooth surface for the healthy planting of grass, or laying of sod. Finish grade is typically the same height as your walkways, driveway, or patio.

Land Clearing

Land clearing is an extremely important part of any type of new build, or renovation project. Our excavation contractors have all the right tools to get the job done. From stump and bush removal, to root removal ensuring trees and vegetation do not grow back. We also have the equipment to clear and demolish concrete pads/walls as well as haul away any material removed from a land clearing project. We always make sure material is disposed of and recycled with the proper recyclers. Our team can also assist in any type of excavation after a land clearing project is complete.

lawn Removal

Our highly skilled machine operators are capable of removing lawn, and re-shaping your front or back yard. We can deliver any material needed after the lawn has been removed and the land has been reshaped; such as loam, bark/mulch, washed rock. Our team can also assist in the construction of walkways (concrete, or paving stone), patios, and the finish grading.

Pool Excavation

Pool excavation is a large task, and our excavation contractors are equipped to help with any size pool project. It is important to have the soil tested before excavation to to make sure the digging conditions are suitable for a pool. Since pools require a large excavation, there will be a high volume of material to be hauled away; however a small portion may be left behind to backfill against the pool. Next step is to create a suitable base for the pool. (drainage rock, or concrete). Followed by a pool shell.  It is important to complete all the trenching for power, and pool lines before the pool shell is installed, to avoid damage. We are equipped with all the necessary trenching tools for the pool lines

Retaining Walls

Retaining walls are a great idea when it comes to landscaping. They help create a more comfortable design and feel, elevating certain sections of your property. Proper drainage is a very huge factor when considering retaining walls. Hydrostatic pressure can build up behind the wall, which could cause the wall to collapse. Our excavation team is highly skilled in removing, excavating for a solid footing, or base, constructing retaining walls, and installing a drainage system with proper material used as backfill. We can construct retaining walls in a variety of different materials, including, concrete, stone, and prefabricated blocks of many styles and sizes.

Rough Grading

As excavation construction contractors we have multiple sizes of machines great for rough grading. Rough grading is a process in which we make sure the overall grade on the property has the correct slope, shape, and suitable height. Holes are filled and dirt piles are smoothed. Rough Grading should always be started before any building has started on the property if at all possible. Rough grading also brings grade to the correct height for a slab to be poured or solid installed on. (Concrete or paving stones, etc.) We use laser levels, and other grading tools to ensure accuracy of slopes and heights.

Swimming Pool Removal

If you want more yard space, and you have a pool you don’t use that often, we  can excavate and remove/ decommission your pool. We would first start by removing your pool deck, then draining the pool and removing the liner. Pools are constructed of multiple different materials, and we have the tools and methods to decommission any type of pool. We recycle all materials from the pool to the designated recyclers, and backfill the pool with solid material like rock, gravel, sand and dirt, compacting the soils in layers.

Tree Stump Removal

Do you have a stump in your yard you are tired of looking at? Or has a tree recently fallen leaving an unwanted stump? As professional excavation contractors we have the tools and skill to remove any of these unwanted stumps and even roots. Tree stump removal requires multiple different tools, and methods depending on the size of the stump. We can grind the stump below finish grade so you can re-grade on top of it, or flush with grade so it can be used however you wish.


As excavation contractors have an arsenal of equipment in different sizes to take on any of your trenching needs, from large excavation for trenches, to mini excavation for trenches, even trenches in confined spaces. Trenching services are often required when you are installing or repairing drainage systems, for inspection of cables or lines, when running new cables or lines (gas, electrical and other utilities). Our skilled team excavates and backfills trenches with a high degree of precision and caution ensuring as little damage as possible to surrounding landscaping. We also make sure to backfill and compact with the proper material depending on the application.

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